Help young people rediscover the excellence of the christian values

Social-media and television are strongly dictating the values of the next generation, values that path a way to unhappiness and even destruction. Materialism, obscene sexuality and the exacerbation of self-centered desires are occupying millions of young minds.

Edictum Dei’s mission is to explain, articulate and share christian values online. We take advantage of the vast majority of the young people immersed online on social-media, in order to educate them about the christian values that built the Europe we have come to know and enjoy today.

We produce 5 minute videos, in which we bring clarity, facts and coherency tackling the subjects that will eventually shape the minds of the youth – faith, love, secularism, relationships, family, marriage, manhood, womanhood, corruption, social-justice etc.

Your donation will help thousands.

Your donation will reach through Edictum Dei far more people that a single person would.

Mass-media coverage of christian values
People spend more than 1hr/day online
Last family referendum participation
Interested into a better society

Ways to give

Impact of your donation

5€ impacts 100 people
10€ impacts 200 people
20 € impacts 500 people
40 € impacts 1000 people
60€ impacts 4000 people
100€ impacts 7000 people

Frequent questions

For 2019, we have planned to create videos and materials for the following topics:

  1. Family
  2. Education for abortion
  3. Faith in the public space
  4. Sexuality & human trafficking
  5. Anti-corruption
  6. Domestic violence
  7. Social justice
  8. Personal development

All donations go into the producing and promoting of video content planned during the current year. We have the following division of costs:

Video production
Social media promotion
Administration & Tools

We regularly send our activity to the finest detail in our newsletter. Feel free to subscribe to it on the main page, or by clicking here.

Thanks a lot for your willingness to help! 🙂

Sure, there are several other ways to get involved :

  1. Promote EdictumDei’s videos and materials through social media. Send it everyone, literally.
  2. Use our materials in your class or group. We will have a dedicated page for this soon.
  3. Work with us, on the positions we have open. Please check our Jobs page.
  4. Fundraise for specific campaigns we are rolling. We will have a dedicated page for this soon.